Max Headroom
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Cyberpunk Glossary

The Academy of Computer Science (ACS)
A school for computer geniuses. Bryce Lynch learned about computers here at a young age. More than just a school, members of this academy play an important role in controlling society on behalf of the networks.

A person who has no computer records of their existence. In the society of the future these people are nobodies and have zero rights. Most network execs and politicians would like to see blanks eradicated.

Advertising in the future. High-speed commercials condensed into a few seconds that prevent channel changing and embed themselves in viewer's minds. Sometimes they cause particularly sedentary viewers to explode.

Sort of like TV producers, controllers act as a reporter's liaison to the network they work. Controllers offer reporters information and technical support, and make sure they stay out of trouble and keep on assignment.

Homeless people who live on the outskirts of town. Most of these people are blanks.

Network 23
The largest TV network in the world and employer of Edison Carter and Theora Jones.

A mix between a beauty contest and a political election, this is how politicians are selected in the future. Every network has a candidate, and whoever has the highest ratings wins the political office.

Zik Zak
The corporate owner of Network 23, Zik Zak is responsible for most of the network's advertising and revenue and uses the network for political purposes.

The art of hacking into television transmissions to disrupt programming.

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